Kitchen Design

What mistakes in Kitchen Designs we need to avoid?

The kitchen is both a multifunctional workstation and a place for culinary creativity. When designing a kitchen in any style and on any area, it is very important to avoid common mistakes that hinder the maintenance of order and saves our time in long search for the right thing or make the process of cooking tedious. In this blog, I am going to discuss some mistakes that we won’t consider in our kitchen designs so we need to avoid.

Poor arrangement of furniture and household appliances

Many of you have heard about the working triangle in the kitchen, but does everyone know what it is? In practice, this concept is to keep the space between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. There should be no obstacles in the path between these objects, for example, a dinner table or a sofa.  Distance provides the necessary freedom of movement without forcing the hostess to run from one end of the kitchen to the other.

Save free space at the expense of countertops

Sometimes you can save space in the kitchen with extra drawers or install a folding dining table, but the worktop should be spacious. If there is not enough space, even an extended window sill, bar counter or console table can act as a work surface. Our kitchen designers in Dorset pay special attention to saving space at the countertops because they completely understand the need of saving space in the kitchen to avoid the mess.

Poor Lighting

A kitchen is a working space where you have to deal with sharp objects, boiling water, glassware, etc. That is why it is essential to organize good lighting above the functional areas where cooking and eating takes place. Also, the bright light makes even a small room visually spacious.

Attempting to save on accessories and components

Modern fittings, closers, drawer, and shelf drawer mechanisms are not the thing to save on. 
If the locker is easy to open and close to get the right products, the cooking process becomes easier, and convenient access to deep drawers or storage compartments saves free space. Also, the use of high-quality mechanisms ensures that the doors of the kitchen set will not warp in just a year of operation.

Outlets are missing for all household appliances

Determine in advance what kind of kitchen equipment you need, and based on this, determine the number of electrical outlets. One of the typical mistakes is that when designing the kitchen, the owners do not carefully calculate the number of sockets. However, a variety of electrical appliances in the modern kitchen is becoming more and more, so it is necessary to provide electrical connection not only for large appliances, such as a refrigerator and stove but also for small household appliances. Outlets are usually placed in groups above the table top and, if necessary, equipped with water protection.